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Lumia 900 launch at AT&T for $99.99 on March 18. Our take!!

If you remember, we posted an article about how Lumia 900 launch is significant and why Nokia needs to work more. Allow me to quote a daring analysis for Lumia 900 from that article, But if...

Lumia 900 pre-registration at the Carphonewarehouse,coming to UK in June!!

First it was confirmed on Nokia Facebook page for Portugal, now Carphonewarehouse confirms Lumia 900's availability in June on its coming soon page.There is a pre-registration available on the page and expected date is...

Elop’s interview and why Microsoft+Nokia makes much sense now !!

Nokia "Elop has told Pocket-lint that we shall soon be seeing the Nokia brand name within other devices and not just the company's own phones." "You'll starting seeing the word 'Nokia' on a map that you...

Lumia 800 battery fix update;Nokia to publish Q4 results

As promised in December, a second software update for the Nokia Lumia 800 starts to roll out today.The update will not be delivered to every Lumia 800 simultaneously, but rather will be staggered over the...

Lumia 800 (loveme-keepme) campaign,Lumia 710 retailing free at walmart,getting good reviews at T- mobile!!

First news byte from UK. This is very interesting actually. The website named as http://www.lovemekeepme.com/  claims that,you can get full refund on your Lumia 800,if you are not satisfied with its experience. This is how it...

New Social app v1.4.481,software update(Belle incoming)!!

News byte 1: Social,the social networking  apps from Nokia disappeared some time back from store.It is now back in a " shiny new" version ,with full compatibility with only Symbian belle.It simply indicates that Belle is...

Lumia 900 Launch,signifcant? Yes,But much work to do for Nokia going ahead!!

Lumia 900 launch is a significant event for Nokia this year.In many ways it brought many firsts from Nokia,and I hope you will agree with this :) First LTE phone from Nokia First 4.3 inch screen phone form...

Nokia 900/ACE officialy announced !! salient features(Key selling points),Product sheet,specification,pictures,hands-on video.

Here is the first hands-on video of Lumia 900, Nokia 900/ACE was finally announced at CES yesterday.Following are the key product features for the new Nokia WP Flagship, Beautiful Unibody design similar to N9 and 800,Slightly thinner than both N9 and...

SWOT analysis and Q4 prediction(117 million shipments) for Nokia!!

I have a bit of background in sales & marketing,hence trying to use my experience to analyse the current market position and future opportunities and threats for Nokia in this article. Strengths of Nokia: Great phone designing...

Awesome app “Nokia screen reader” for visually impaired

Nokia has announced a screen reader this week at Nokia World 2011, in addition to a number of accessibility apps. These new products matter because they will make it easier for people with disabilities...

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