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New Facebook for WP7 & Push notification improvements coming soon. Facebook Beta for WP8 with major new features out now.

[embedit snippet="adversal-3"] Once again it is Joe Belfiore talking and once again it is some good app news after all. So, WP7 device owners rejoice!! New improved Facebook for WP7 is coming soon and will have its Beta out this month. Joe has already played with it. He also has conveyed

Adduplex data: Highlights and trends!! Lumia 520 is the top dog. Lumia 620, 521, 928 rising too. Nokia’s domination grows.

[embedit snippet="adversal-3"] Highlights and trends identified from the Adduplex’s stats for WP devices captured on 10th July. Lumia 520′s exponential rise continues worldwide. Lat month it was 5th most sold WP device and now it is the no. 1 device overtaking Lumia 920. It has grown from 20.8% to 31.3% in India

Foursquare and heavily updated YouTube apps for WP8 devices hit Windows Phone store!!

Expected and awaited "Foursquare" and slightly unexpected but heavily updated "YouTube" apps for Windows Phone 8 devices have hit the store. Joe Belfiore from Microsoft twitted about both apps in quick succession and by looks of it, both the application are well designed to take advantage of WP8 features. Foursquare features: Get instant