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Lumia 920, Lumia 920T top sellers at Tesco Suning. Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 outselling others at TMall and Dixintong.

  It is really good to see two Nokia flagships in China, Lumia 920 and Lumia 920T outselling all other flagships at major retailer Tesco Suning. Yellow Lumia 920T holds the top sales rank followed by Black Lumia 920T. At no. 3 and 4 there are no other competitor devices but another Lumia Flagship the

Lumia 920T demand report. Still one of the top sellers or outselling other Flagships at China Mobile online stores !!

Yesterday, we brought a report on Lumia 920 and 820's sales performance across three major retailers in China. Today, it is turn of another Lumia Flagship in China, the Lumia 920T. So, how is this China Mobile exclusive doing across various China Mobile online stores? Coming to ShanDong store, Lumia 920T is the second top-selling

China: Lumia 920 outsells all other Flagships at retailer Suning. Lumia 820 and 920 top sellers at TMall.

Lumia 920 is doing pretty well at major Chinese retailers like Suning and TMall. Especially at Suning, White Lumia 920 is outselling all other Flagships including iPhone 5 and other latest Android Flagships from Sony, Samsung and HTC. Great thing is the availability of all Favourite colors of Lumia 920 like Cyan, Yellow, Red at Suning. Even

Lumia 920 and 620 one of the most popular on and off-contract phones in EU according to “”.

The price tracking and comparison site "" which operates in EU as,,, as well has really good news for Nokia. As you can see in the above screenshot, across various operators, retailers and plans available in all countries of EU, Lumia 920 available at T-Mobile Germany plans is the