While Nokia 9 PureView is yet to come to the consumers’ pocket, the device has already started making headlines. The Nokia 9 has recently got the ‘top seller’ tag in the USA on Amazon.

One of the reasons the smartphone got so many attention is it being the first ever smartphone to ship with five cameras. It also got as we earlier posted 19 awards from prestigious media publishers who picked up the Nokia 9 PureView as ‘Best of MWC 2019’.

If you in the US and want to see Nokia 9 in your pocket you need to spend as much as $599.99. And if you pre-order the device right now from B&H you will get a free mophie 10,500mAh Encore Plus 10K Portable Power Bank. Also, check out the full specs of Nokia 9 PureView here.

Whether Nokia 9 PureView lives up to the expectation that is yet to be seen but from the initial response from tech pundits, the flagship from HMD seems a smartphone done with flagship users in mind.