Alan, who runs Adduplex seems to be working on “Windows Phone stats” for the current month. The stats are published on Adduplex Blog the blog every month and needless to say it provides great insight about all things “Windows Phone”. He has just tweeted about Lumia 820 and its variants doing very well according to the latest statistics. Our gut feel says that Lumia 820 has done very well in China and India and Lumia 822 is doing very well at Verizon. Even Lumia 810 seems to be catching some steam lately.

We tried to check how well Lumia 822 and 810 are doing right now, and we are impressed. Lumia 822 is top seller smartphone at Verizon and the most popular device at retailer RadioShack wireless.


Verizon Link


RadioShack link

T-Mobile has again made Lumia 810 Free on 2-year contract and it is now the best seller device online at T-Mobile website. Click on the link below and select “new” and “Best Seller” from options.


T-Mobile link

We are really looking forward to see some strong Q1 numbers come April !! What do you think ?