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PR1.2 update highlights on Nokia N9’s official page, swipe.nokia.com !!

Nokia has put highlights of what PR1.2 brings to Nokia N9 on the N9's official page, swipe.nokia.com with a title, "100s of improvement with 1 simple swipe". Once again the page interface is awesome and you can...

N9 Apps/Hacks : MyMoves version 0.2.0.

MyMoves 0.20: This is a swipe gestures based app which can be downloaded from Nokia store. New features in this release (0.2.0) include, Launching bookmarks, you can now use gestures to launch the web sites you’ve saved to...

All about N9 PR1.2 update. Changelog and video demo of changes in PR1.2 update.

Let us first start with a video demonstrating the most important changes in PR1.2 update.This video is not in english, but if you focus it might not be difficult to notice the changes.   Now coming...

N9 Hacks/Apps, Get widgets on your N9 !!

I know, everyone will agree, when I say that N9 has one of the most elegant and simple looking user interface ever seen on a smartphone. It has won heart of many users, tech journalists and...

N9 apps (Nokia city scene) / game news :)

Nokia city scene Some N9 apps/games news here, Nokia City Scene: This awesome application has been updated at Nokia beta labs and below are the new features enlisted, Landscape mode Favorites you create in City Scene will be visible in...

New Social app v1.4.481,software update(Belle incoming)!!

News byte 1: Social,the social networking  apps from Nokia disappeared some time back from store.It is now back in a " shiny new" version ,with full compatibility with only Symbian belle.It simply indicates that Belle is...

Nokia store crosses 11 million downloads daily!! N8 top device.India top country:), Wow!!!

As highlighted on the Nokia developer's page today, 11 Nokia Stores attract more than million downloads a day, 177 publishers have reached 1 million downloads.Now, That's huge! http://www.developer.nokia.com/Distribute/Statistics.xhtml# In fact it is amazing to know that daily download at...

SWOT analysis and Q4 prediction(117 million shipments) for Nokia!!

I have a bit of background in sales & marketing,hence trying to use my experience to analyse the current market position and future opportunities and threats for Nokia in this article. Strengths of Nokia: Great phone designing...

Updated:New great N9 hacks and apps!!

Here in this article, I have tried to consolidate N9 apps from many sources and articles.This will help users to decide on apps fit for their specific needs.I will keep it updating as well. Two...

Awesome app “Nokia screen reader” for visually impaired

Nokia has announced a screen reader this week at Nokia World 2011, in addition to a number of accessibility apps. These new products matter because they will make it easier for people with disabilities...

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