Nokia city scene
Nokia city scene

Some N9 apps/games news here,

Nokia City Scene:

This awesome application has been updated at Nokia beta labs and below are the new features enlisted,

  • Landscape mode
  • Favorites you create in City Scene will be visible in as well as in your N9 Maps app, and vice versa
  • Some services are described much more in detail: reviews, opening hours, images etc.

There is also a note which says that the update requires device firmware PR1.1 (20.2011.40.4) or later.

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Crazy Chickens:

 Seeems to be an addictive game. Please check the description below,

Farm chickens are gone crazy and your goal is to help Motu to catch falling eggs. If egg falls to the ground then it will hatch and you lose one trial. You are given four trials to help Motu to achieve his task.To catch egg, touch hen and Motu will put his basket under that hen.

Crazy chickens








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