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Opera Mobile store to replace Nokia store on Symbian, Nokia X range & Nokia feature Phones

  Microsoft and Opera have signed an agreement that makes Opera Mobile store to replace Nokia store as the default app store on Nokia Symbian, Nokia X range of smartphones and Nokia feature phones. Starting in the first quarter of 2015, Nokia Store on Series 40, Series 60, Symbian, Asha and

N9 apps (Nokia city scene) / game news :)

Nokia city scene Some N9 apps/games news here, Nokia City Scene: This awesome application has been updated at Nokia beta labs and below are the new features enlisted, Landscape mode Favorites you create in City Scene will be visible in as well as in your N9 Maps app, and vice versa Some services are described much

Nokia store crosses 11 million downloads daily!! N8 top device.India top country:), Wow!!!

Fallback Image

As highlighted on the Nokia developer's page today, 11 Nokia Stores attract more than million downloads a day, 177 publishers have reached 1 million downloads.Now, That's huge! In fact it is amazing to know that daily download at Nokia store has crossed 11 milions.Wow!!.I am delighted because Top device for download is N8 and Top