Nokia X2Nokia X2, the latest, best and ironically the last of its family of devices has arrived in India. It is in stock at Nokia store and can be bought for INR 8699.

Nokia X2 has a 4.3 inch Clear Black display, 5 MP camera with flash, FFC and comes with 1 GB RAM. The most striking visual changes from Nokia X range are the glossy color and the addition of Home button. Read more here.

It comes with Nokia X OS v 2.0, which has many major enhancements of its own to show. It now packs a third homescreen which looks just like Windows Phone app drawer. The multitasking now is visual and one can see the open apps and even close all of them by clicking on x button at the bottom of each app card. Read more here.

Nokia X2 has also received an update recently which brings Google services support, Live Wallpaper, Lockscreen widgets & much more. Read more here.

Nokia Store link

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