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JB: Dropbox doing official app for Windows Phone. Use NFC payment in US with Softcard

  Microsoft's Joe Belfiore has revealed two interesting bits of info yesterday. Seems, Dropbox is planning to bring its official app to Windows phone, though timeline is not known. Second.. we just announced today that Dropbox will be doing an official app for WP. (No, I don't know the exact timing!) — joebelfiore

Possible Bluetooth NFC headset #Nokia Guru leaked in Cyan.

[embedit snippet="fluids"] Though evleaks has first mentioned it as competitor to iPod shuffle but looks like Nokia Guru is Nokia's take on NFC version of its beautiful Bluetooth headset range. Though it is likely possible that the device may have storage capacity to store songs and music player to play them.

#Jolla device revealed to support LTE. NFC with smart cover. Finnish operator #DNA taking pre-orders.

[embedit snippet="adversal5"] Jolla has revealed more specs details and pre-order information for its upcoming smartphone. It will support LTE. NFC, Power in/out and I2C data connection with other half smart cover extension. Gorilla Glass 2 display protection It is also revealed that Finnish operator "DNA" will be taking pre-order for the device. Pre-order for other

Bytes: #2InstaWithLove updated with two new filters Lumia & Nightshot. Music sharing and playback with Mix NFC Tag Writer.

Nokia has now updated  #2InstaWithLove with two new filters called "Lumia" and "Nightshot". Lumia adds a fresh and light filter that can be used when you’re trying to get a classic look to your photographs and is certainly a lot more contemporary than the Handicam and Polaroid filters. In contrast, Nightshot

Nokia India hints about sub-10000 INR, NFC enabled windows phone device.Pushing NFC metro rail ticketing .To officially launch 305, 306 and 311 tomorrow.

The near field communication technology will find its use in several day-to-day applications when prices of NFC-enabled handsets come down. NFC capability is now available only in phones priced above Rs 10,000. When the ecosystem is ready and when the prices come down further, the applications would be part of

Nokia NFC devices to serve as wallet with Mastercard Paypass and PagSeguro NFC app from INDT.

Nokia has posted two articles on Nokia conversations hinting about NFC technology (of which Nokia is one of pioneers) to be used as mobile wallet. Actually this was expected since long, as companies like Google are trying the same with their own wallet services. Nokia being one of major sponsors