Windows 10 for Phones seems to be so much more than Windows Phone 8.1 as we delve into new details. We just reported about many new features and abilities like: Activity detection & new sensors, USB-C & Mice / Keyboard support, New imaging capabilities revealed in WinHec PPTs. Now a good news about a new NFC capability that will be welcomed by everyone wanting to use NFC enabled Windows Phones for “Tap to Pay”.

win 10 NFCWindows 10 for Phone will take away the dependency on Carriers and secure chips by bringing HCE (Host Card Emulation) support. This was you can use your NFC enabled device on any supported POS without any restrictions and without need of a specialist app like “Softcard” or without needing a secure Sim from AT&T. As the PPT reveals Microsoft has aligned with VISA, MaterCard and AMEX already for this. There is a small demo / promo video in the PPT and you can have a look,

The slides reveal more about NFC enhancements in Windows 10. There is Tap to pair with Wi-Fi direct device. It supports tap to Miracast Dongle.

win 10 nfc 2

Settings like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and others can be toggled with a tap from 3rd party 10 nfc 3