Nokia has posted two articles on Nokia conversations hinting about NFC technology (of which Nokia is one of pioneers) to be used as mobile wallet. Actually this was expected since long, as companies like Google are trying the same with their own wallet services. Nokia being one of major sponsors of the NFC technological development, it was expected to come sooner or later.

Lumia 610’s version with NFC was revealed very recently, and it seems it will be the first Nokia device to already have certified with MasterCard PayPass technology that means you can just choose what you want to buy, tap – and go.

If you live in Europe or North America, you might already be familiar with PayPass terminals in shops and food stores. Soon you’ll be able to tap your Lumia 610 NFC against the terminal, instead of your credit or bank card.

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The second article is about using NFC enabled devices like Nokia C7, Nokia N9 and Nokia 701 to use their mobile phones as a virtual wallet – by the power of NFC. The PagSeguro NFC app was developed by INdT (Nokia Institute of Technology) in Brazil and when installed on your Nokia C7, Nokia N9 and Nokia 701 allows you to pay for items in bars, restaurants or stores. There’s also the ability to transfer money between individuals.

Check the video below to see it in action,



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