turnstilesThis sounds like a great news!! Nokia’s location arm HERE has formed an alliance with many ticketing and e-payment suppliers and transit authorities to enable ticket booking using your NFC enabled smartphone across the world.

HERE has formed the new Open Mobile Ticketing Alliance (OMTA) – an initiative between HERE, ticketing and e-payment suppliers, and transit authorities. Its goal is to allow payment using the Near Field Communications (NFC) chip in your smartphone for your ticket on transit services across the world.

HERE aims to solve the issue of congestion and pollution in cities today by encouraging people to use public transport.  The NFC payment can really help in making the ticket booking a breeze.

Imagine, using your mobile device, you can purchase train tickets, rent a car, order a taxi or even find parking, Peter told the audience.

“What we’re trying to do at HERE is reduce the friction in the system, and make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for,” he concluded.