Lumia 730 FCCWe just reported about an image from some Lumia 730 certification revealing its size specs, nano Sim, LTE support and more. Now, seems the same variant RM-1038 has passed certification at FCC too. Check the above screenshot from FCC certification.

LTE bandThe certification report also confirms that it will have NFC support. What’s surprising that it has LTE2500 support (Band 7), which to my knowledge isn’t used by any US carrier ( I may be wrong too ). But it packs AT&T’s GSM and WCDMA bands.

Outside of USA, the transmitter of the device is capable of operating also in GSM/GPRS900 and GSM/GPRS1800, HSUPA/WCDMA900(Band 8) and HSUPA/WCDMA2100(Band 1), LTE845(Band 20) and LTE1800(Band 3) bands which are not part of this filing.

This is an LTE Category 3 device; it contains 1 FCC LTE bands, namely LTE bands 2500(Band 7). In LTE2500(Band 7), the device possesses Channel Bandwidths of 20MHz, 15MHz, 10MHz and 5MHz are available.

We just informed one of its global variants RM-1040 passing certification in Indonesia.

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