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Lumia with RM-1141 code passes certification in Indonesia

The new Lumia with variant code RM-1141 that we reported about some days ago from Zauba import data has passed certification in Indonesia too.The device will certainly carry Microsoft branding, reveals the Indonesian certification....

RM-1099, another New Lumia passes certification in Indonesia

Yet another unknown Lumia device has passed certification in Indonesia. The product code is RM-1099, that has been revealed for the first time. We have earlier reported RM-1072 and RM-1077 with 5-inch, 720p display...

New Lumia with RM-1077 code passes certification in Indonesia

Yet another unknown Lumia device has passed certification in Indonesia. The product code is RM-1077, that has been revealed for the first time. We have earlier reported RM-1072 with 5-inch, 720p display passing certification...

RM-1072, Lumia with 5-inch, 720p display passes certification in Indonesia

Out of three new Lumia device families that were first spotted in Adduplex, we have exclusively reported about Lumia 435 (RM-1069, RM-1070, RM-1071) and Lumia 1330 / Lumia 1335 (RM-1062, RM-1063, RM-1064, RM-1065). One...

Lumia 1330 Dual-Sim gets certified in Indonesia after Lumia 435

FCC certification earlier revealed that Lumia 1330 has a Dual-Sim variant named RM-1067. Now, Microsoft seems planning a launch for Lumia 1330 / Lumia 1335 in near future, as the device has passed certification...

Lumia Denim rolling out in India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam & other Asian markets

We reported via our reader's tips that Lumia Denim is now rolling out to some devices in India, but the tracker was not update yet. Now, the official tracker has been updated and it...

Earlier revealed RM-1069 & a new device RM-1110 pass certification in Indonesia

Recently, Adduplex database has revealed three new Lumia devices (and their variant families) RM-1062,  RM-1072 & RM-1069. Out of these three, here is what we know about RM-1069 and family. RM-1069, RM-1070, RM-1071 family- 480×800...

RM-1089, Single-Sim variant seen at FCC. RM-1090 passed certification in Indonesia

  Two new info bytes emerge about the next mid-range Lumia, which we have seen passing certification at FCC as RM-1090. The first one is about its single-sim variant RM-1089 now passing certification at FCC. The...

Lumia 930 launched in Indonesia. Lumia 730 coming soon

Microsoft Mobile has finally launched Lumia 930 in Indonesia in an event, yesterday. The device is priced officially Rp 7,249,000, which translates to USD 593. Though, there are some cool offers too, which make...

Global variant of Lumia 730 spotted at GFXBench. Passes certification in Indonesia

As it reaches closer to announcement, Lumia 730 has started showing itself in various places now. We spotted earlier revealed RM-1038 variant and a new unknown variant RM-1040 at GFXBench. Now, RM-1040 seems to...

And.. Lumia 630 passes certification in both Indonesia & Thailand

Lumia 630, which was revealed by us via Zauba records as RM-977 and RM-978 for the very first time, has confirmed itself for BUILD announcement by passing certifications in Thailand and Indonesia. Below is...

Nokia offering 20 GB free SkyDrive storage in India, Hong Kong, Indonesia & Philippines.

Nokia is offering 20 GB free SkyDrive or soon to be OneDrive storage in many markets with Lumia purchases. Currently confirmed markets are India, Philippines, Indonesia and Hong Kong. While in Philippines, Indonesia and...

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