RM-1099, another New Lumia passes certification in Indonesia

RM-1099Yet another unknown Lumia device has passed certification in Indonesia. The product code is RM-1099, that has been revealed for the first time. We have earlier reported RM-1072 and RM-1077 with 5-inch, 720p display passing certification in Indonesia.

RM-1099 remains relatively unknown in the sea of new Lumia devices, Microsoft seems to be preparing. In upcoming Lumia devices, RM-1062 and its brethren that may come as Lumia 1330 and Lumia 1335 and RM-1072 and its family of variants have been seen elsewhere too.

We are trying to extract more info about RM-1099 and will keep you updated.

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  • ferdinand guilles

    Any news about it ?

  • Tomas Turbando

    Death penalty to be selling junk phones

  • the3dsgeek

    could it be the Lumia 940?

    • EffEll

      we have to wait for some spec leaks. Maybe a windows 10 device? I hope so