Lumia-indonesiaRecently, Adduplex database has revealed three new Lumia devices (and their variant families) RM-1062RM-1072 & RM-1069. Out of these three, here is what we know about RM-1069 and family.

RM-1069, RM-1070, RM-1071 family- 480×800 resolution, 4-inch display, with hardware buttons: Seen mostly in Asia

Now, it seems, it may not be long before we see this new Lumia getting launched. RM-1069 has passed certification in Indonesia on 28th November and bears Microsoft branding as shown in certification.

One more unknown devices is seen in the certification and it is codenamed RM-1110 and seems to have Nokia branding. So, may be it is a new feature phone with Nokia name.

RM-1069 is however interesting because of its 4-inch size and the revelation that it will have hardware buttons. Most of the recent Lumias are bigger than 4-inch in size and have only software buttons for navigation, including Lumia 730.