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Take the poll. Which Windows Phone smartphone is your next?

With Lumia 730 and Lumia 830 going official today, Windows Phone fans and prospective buyers have a deep product assortment to chose from. From ultra low-end Lumia 530 to mid-rangers Lumia 730 and Lumia 830...

Windows Phone app reviews now reveal device’s model being used

It is not a path-breaking feature and Nokia device users have seen device's name appearing in app reviews at Nokia Store since long. But now Windows Phone store too supports this. So, one can now...

Bevy of Nokia device code-names revealed

evleaks at it again! They have now leaked a bevy of previously unknown Nokia device code-names. These new names draw inspiration for fictional characters like Superman, Moonraker. We still are waiting for Nokia Goldfinger...

Nokia Lumia 930, 630, and 635 all get unveiled at Build 2014

I do not know how all the viewers feel, but Build has not disappointed this year.  Starting with Windows Phone 8.1 being demoed to the first Lumias that will run Windows Phone 8.1.  Nokia...

#Jolla provides more detailed device specs. Second wave of pre-order begins.

Jolla seems gaining momentum now. They have revealed more details into the device specs. New additions are, Display resolution which is 960 x 540 Snapdragon Dual-core Processor 2 MP FFC Battery details Another good news is re-opening of pre-order...

New potential Lumia device revealed in KPN Netherlands commercial of Lumia 920

    We got this Tip yesterday night, but missed on it because I didn't check my mails in morning !! In this commercial video posted by KPN Netherlands, it seems Nokia has accidentally or deliberately revealed...

Rumor: Nokia planning Lumia 610’s “4 inch” successor running WP7.8 codenamed “Glory”.

  According to some sources familiar with Nokia's plans, it is preparing to launch a handset codenamed "Glory" that will include a 4-inch display. The handset is designed as a successor to the low-end Lumia 610 and will run...

Lumia 820 aka Nokia Arrow prototype’s real hands-on pictures leaked now.

So, now time to feast you eyes on some of the real hands-on pictures of Lumia 820/ Nokia Arrow and according to the these pictures, it is a gorgeous looking device. One more noteworthy thing is that...

One more leaked picture of WP8 mid-range Lumia posted on web.

Cyan was the flavour of WP7.5 handests and Nokia seems to come with Bright Yellow as the signature color of WP8 devices. One more picture has been posted on the web and this looks...

Lumia Qwerty-touch device with Camera bump revealed in a Nokia design patent.

Nokia seems all set to bring a Qwerty Lumia running on WP8 soon, if a patented design by Nokia is some indication. The patent is dated May 2012, and on comparison with Qwerty Nokia E6...

Another Display frame for Nokia Windows Phone 8 device leaked out.

So another day and another Display frame for WP8 running Lumia devices leaks out. This looks much different from the earlier leaked out frame which was round around the edges. Also Nokia logo is on the...

Chris Weber (EVP, Nokia) tweets “Next Gen Lumia coming soon”.

So, hints are raining now. We just reported a "Windows Phone event" in USA on 5th of Sep announced by Nokia and Microsoft. Now Chris Weber, EVP, Sales & Marketing, Nokia has tweeted saying, Samsung take...

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