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Rumor: Nokia planning Lumia 610’s “4 inch” successor running WP7.8 codenamed “Glory”.


According to some sources familiar with Nokia’s plans, it is preparing to launch a handset codenamed “Glory” that will include a 4-inch display. The handset is designed as a successor to the low-end Lumia 610 and will run Windows Phone 7.8. It is also reported to have low specifications such as a 800mhz processor and 256MB of RAM found in super low-end Windows Phones.

The Verge which has reported this piece of news, also says that the handset could launch as early as the holiday season, but that the availability date has not been fully determined.

Now, don’t ask us what we think of the above news!! We are puzzled after hearing this. As per I remember, CEO Elop informed during Q2 2012 press event that WP8 will allow them to go deeper than Lumia 610 in price range. So, now why would they launch a device with 4 inch display running on WP7.8 ?


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  • typhoon2000

    Partly due to the fact that WP7 apps will be barely compatible (if at all) with WP8, although it has to be noted that Microsoft may be able to recompile many apps that are on offer in the Microsoft store.

    The WP7.8 Lumia is to allow for those apps to be continued to be supported in the WP7 environment without leaving those users stranded until they go to upgrade, and until WP8 gets into full swing (something that could take 12 months).

    Why the total change in platform? Well this is to ensure that all WP8 mobile apps work with WP8 desktop and for the most part, the other way around.

    • This all is fine. But if 610 is going for around $240, then this new device will come with higher price as it has larger screen. So, higher priced low-end phone with wp7.8 will get lost of bad press.
      Only thing Nokia can do here is to enable features like NFC, Bluetooth, OTA update which are sought after in lower end phones. This way WP7.8 may come loser to WP8. If not then then it is hard to visualise how a single phone which is deemed to be 610 successor will keep developer’s interested?

      • knowfirst

        even if they release them with nfc or other features and even with lower price then present lumia 610(maybe possible), a person who has knowledge of difference between wp7.8 and wp8 wont buy this device they will choose android. And dev’s also will migrate to wp8 and they will port them to win8 rt and win8 but not to wp7. So they better make wp8 apps to work in wp7 or make them easily portable to wp7(even if this done most dev’s wont show intrest). So we can say wp7 is a buring platform easily after the release of wp8