According to some sources familiar with Nokia’s plans, it is preparing to launch a handset codenamed “Glory” that will include a 4-inch display. The handset is designed as a successor to the low-end Lumia 610 and will run Windows Phone 7.8. It is also reported to have low specifications such as a 800mhz processor and 256MB of RAM found in super low-end Windows Phones.

The Verge which has reported this piece of news, also says that the handset could launch as early as the holiday season, but that the availability date has not been fully determined.

Now, don’t ask us what we think of the above news!! We are puzzled after hearing this. As per I remember, CEO Elop informed during Q2 2012 press event that WP8 will allow them to go deeper than Lumia 610 in price range. So, now why would they launch a device with 4 inch display running on WP7.8 ?