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Xbox (Beta) app now available for Windows 10 mobile

An Xbox beta app for Windows 10 Mobile has arrived in the Windows Store. This app brings together your friends, games, and accomplishments across Xbox One and Windows 10 devices. Xbox (Beta) Features: Stay connected to the...

TrueCaller Beta now available for Windows 10 Mobile

TrueCaller Beta app for Windows 10 Mobile is available now in the store. The app has a redesigned UI and new features. TrueCaller Beta changelog: • Caller ID - Know who’s calling you even if you...

VLC 1.7 for Windows Phone available now with UI & other changes. Detailed Changelog.

Day before we reported that a new VLC update is coming for Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile and it is available now in the store. The app features a redesigned UI and it does...

Order & Chaos 2: Redemption now available for Windows Phone.

Gameloft has released its latest Order and Chaos 2: Redemption for Windows and Windows Phone. The game is yet not available in the Windows 10 web store but can be installed by following the...

Build 10536.1004: Messaging issue fixed (Tip), Language packs & keyboards available to download now

Simple trick(s) to get Messaging app back without flashing: Well it seems, if you don't have messaging on your phone after installation of Build 10536.1004, one small trick can help in getting it back. Just...

FLY OR DIE ! now available for Windows Phone

Loon Apps launched a new game called FLY OR DIE !. This is a fun colorful games as an exclusive for Windows Phone and Windows. Is available for Windows Phone 7, 8, 10 and Windows...

Microsoft’s new app Nearby Numbers now available for Windows 10 mobile.

Nearby Numbers new Windows 10 Mobile app launched by Microsoft specifically for Chinese market. This app allow quickly find phone numbers for places near you. Nearby Numbers is integrated with the Phone app, so you...

Lumia Creative Studio Beta available for Windows 10 Mobile now.

A good news here!! Lumia Creative Studio Beta, the official Lumia photo editing tool is now available for Windows 10 Mobile devices. The details about the Beta app's features and known issues are given...

Slack Beta is available for everyone in the store. Rush & Grab!

We had reported that Slack is looking for Beta testers for its upcoming Windows Phone app. Now it seems the Slack Beta app is available to download for everyone in the app store. Though...

Gameloft’s newest game March of Empires now available for Windows 10 mobile

Gameloft has released its newest game, a Middle Ages-style strategy title called March of Empires. March of Empires Description & Features: THE EMPIRE IS IN YOUR HANDS: • Dispatch armies, construct buildings, conquer territories and make...

Xender for Windows 10 Mobile & Windows Phone available now in store

Xender has brought its official app to Windows 10 Mobile & Windows Phone 8.1 running devices.The app can be installed from the store now. If you are unaware, Xender is a very popular file-sharing service...

Lumia Creative Studio Beta, with support for editing Living Images available now

The Lumia Beta apps team has made new beta version of popular image editing application Lumia Creative Studio available today. Key new feature in this release is the added support for editing Living Images...

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