Day before we reported that a new VLC update is coming for Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile and it is available now in the store. The app features a redesigned UI and it does look beautiful. The settings have a new look too and the whole app looks well-designed in a harmonious way. Check the screenshots below and click on the install link to install the app.

VLC 1.7 Full changelog:


  • Rewrite of the thumbnailer process
  • Speed up of the video decoding and output, and removing deadlocks
  • Support of acceleration activation per-file
  • Faster input support


  • Support of m4a files
  • New gestures and keyboard controls
  • Control of audio/video/subtitle delay and synchronization
  • Better hardware acceleration
  • Support for chapters control
  • Support of a light and black theme
  • Important interface update to prepare for Windows 10
  • Fix support for SRT and SSA
  • New mini player design and widget
  • Fix support for Windows RT


VLC 1520


Install link