build 10536

Simple trick(s) to get Messaging app back without flashing:

Well it seems, if you don’t have messaging on your phone after installation of Build 10536.1004, one small trick can help in getting it back. Just type “ms-windows-store:pdp?pfn=Microsoft.Messaging_8wekyb3d8bbwe” in Edge browser on your device and you will be redirected to install the messaging app from store.

Thanks JCinWinupd8 for the tip. Cheers!!


Just click on the Microsoft messaging app link here.

Thanks Ron for the tip. Cheers!!

Some quick Build 10536.1004 updates here!! For those facing issue with messaging app not being available after lengthy installation process of Build 10536.1004, the issue seems fixed now with a catch. If you have already installed the build you need to re-flash (no need, just check above tips to get messaging app back). The language pack and keyboards are now available to download.