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Windows 10 Mobile Microsoft Phone & Messaging apps get updated(Fast Ring)

Time for some new updates!!!!! Microsoft Messaging & Microsoft Phone have received new updates for Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile devices. The latest update version for Messaging app and for phone is 3.24.24000.0.The updates are minor...

Screenshots show upcoming changes in Windows 10 Mobile Messaging App

Some screenshots reveal that Microsoft is planning to bring some changes to Windows 10 / Windows 10 Mobile Messaging UWP App in future updates. Here are the changes noticed by Gustave, who has posted...

Messaging + Skype and Camera gets updated for Windows 10 Mobile

Today Microsoft updates its Messaging and Camera app on Windows 10 Mobile. Latest update for Messaging + Skype brings app version to 1.11.3005.0. There is no change log available, however there are some performance improvements included...

Windows 10 Mobile Messaging update brings Chat settings

Windows 10 Mobile Messaging app has received an update post the upgrade to Build 10581. The update while doesn't bring any UI changes it does brings some changes in the settings of the app. The...

Windows 10 Mobile Messaging app snags an update

Windows 10 Mobile Messaging app has just received an updated. The new version is 1.10.11001.0 and it seems like a minor update after the last big update that brought Skype to Messaging integration and...

Windows 10 Mobile Photos & Messaging apps updated. Changelog.

Windows 10 Mobile native Photos & Messaging apps have snagged updates. For Messaging the new version 1.0.12715 doesn't brings any visible changes but we can assume bug fixes and performance improvements. The Photos app however...

W10M Messaging, Xbox, Camera & Calculator apps updated. Changelog.

Not only Mail & Calendar and Skype but Xbox, Messaging, Camera & Calculator apps on Windows 10 Mobile have also snagged updates. Xbox Changelog: Real-time Friends list presence. Your Friends list will automatically refresh with your...

Build 10536.1004: Messaging issue fixed (Tip), Language packs & keyboards available to download now

Simple trick(s) to get Messaging app back without flashing: Well it seems, if you don't have messaging on your phone after installation of Build 10536.1004, one small trick can help in getting it back. Just...

Windows 10 Mobile Messaging & Photos apps updated. Changelog.

More native app updates here!! Windows 10 Mobile Messaging and Photos apps have seen updates. Messaging app has been updated to version 1.0.12707.0. The update adds one more menu option in the pivot menu...

Windows 10 Mobile Messaging & Windows Camera updated. Changelog.

Two Windows 10 Mobile native apps have seen updates. Windows Messaging has been updated again, while Windows Camera has received a new update too. As you can see in the above screenshot the new...

Microsoft updates Windows 10 mobile Messaging app

A new Windows 10 mobile native app update here: Microsoft  pushed an update for Windows 10 mobiles native Messaging app. There is no visible change but the update seems to bring under the hood performance improvements...

LINE Messaging app for Windows Phone gets updated

LINE Messaging app has received a new update for Windows phone Devices. The new version is The latest update brings Favourite groups and more. LINE Changelog: - Added feature to set favorite groups - Bug fixes...

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