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Rumor: Nokia 8 real-life images reveal a new Copper-Gold color model

Brace yourself for Nokia 8 flood of leaks as HMD prepares to launch it soon. After leak of Nokia 8 renders time for leak of Nokia 8 real-life images!!

Claimed Nokia 8 working prototype has leaked in hands-on images providing a good look at its design. What is more these images reveal a new color option not seen on any of already launched smartphones Nokia 3, 5 and 6.

The color option looks like a mix of Copper and Gold. But what is most striking is that this prototype misses Carl-Zeiss branding on the Camera module. So, in any case this is not from Production line as some of the publications are claiming.

You can check full details about Nokia 8 at our dedicated page.

Source: Baidu

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  • Boogieman

    Its clearly an early prototype or some guys that tried making a phone out of a tin can.
    – It’s fat as fuck, not Nokia design
    – It has some ugly frekkin cover unless it’s prototype antenna band on the outside
    – it’s FILLED with finger prints and looks glossy. Nokia has a much more beautiful matte copper in Nokia 6..that does NOT smudge

    But most of all, look at the reflection in the to left image. The reflected phone has a curved top and not centralized camera.
    Would HMD really use a Samsung to take a photo of a Nokia…talk about BAD MARKETING LOL
    Oooppp they missed to Photoshop that out 😉

  • Tejas Hash

    I hope its Fake
    No Ziess lenses. No premium Design.

  • Melwyn castelino

    MISSES Carl-Zeiss branding on the Camera module. So, in any case this is not
    from Production line as some of the publications are claiming. I JUST HOPE ITS NOT

  • Melwyn castelino

    bakwaass …

  • DBS

    Remember the “C1 prototype”? Yeah. This is what it reminds me of. Meaning, I don’t believe it.
    Couple of reasons: once again, this could be easily fakes using a Nokia 5. And that paint job looks shitty as f*ck. Nokia wouldn’t allow such a thing to be released with its name on it, and HMD wouldn’t do it either.

    • Its not a Nokia 5. Look at the position of secondary mic above camera on this Nokia 8 and compare it to Nokia 5. The mic on Nokia 8 is closer to Nokia 8. 🙂

      • DBS

        You do know ALL of that can be changed in photoshop, right? ;P

        • Edited the Tampered Blue Nokia 8 to this. This is the 1st time i used Photoshop. Couldn’t achieve copper like colour though. 😛

        • Lars

          Yeah but why would anyone change it. Why change really small things like the microphone (that has moved) and the ambient light sensor, that has moved as well.

          • DBS

            Why would anyone create fake renders of Galaxies, iPhones or even the “C1”? People like to create fake things to fool others.

            And if they don’t do their fakes well, common people will not believe them.

            • Lars

              You don’t get what I am saying. The pictures provided by Evan Blass are very high resolution and have many little things that are slightly different when compared to the Nokia 5 renders. 1. The Camera has a different look to it, as on the Nokia 8 renders it is darkened towards the top, while on the Nokia 5 renders it is the same brightness. 2. The Nokia type on the top right corner of the screen has a different gradient. 3. The ambient light sensor moved. 4. When you put them over each other, you’ll see that the Nokia 8 has a slightly bigger screen. 5. The position of the microphone is different. 6. The model number is different from the Nokia 5 and the Nokia 9 that was long rumored to be the Nokia 8. 6. The renders, also of the Zeiss camera, are extremly high res, there are no artifacts of any tinkering visible.

              Evleaks is the most reputable leaker around, for a very good reason.

              I am sorry to bust your bubble, but this IS the Nokia 8. It has been leaked before, in a promotional video, in real life hidden in a blue case but showing the current design, and now it has leaked again in real life.

              • DBS

                The renders are fake. Much of what you wrote is either not true or easily changeable in Photoshop.

                I’m not home but I’ll get back to you on this when I am on my computer and I’ll show you and give you a more detailed explanation using the official Nokia 5 renders.

                Sorry to burst your bubble but Evan Blass is a con-man. And even IF this was the Nokia 8 (and I don’t believe it is) Nokia wouldn’t allow something so bad to be their flagship, even if HMD tried (and if they did, that should explain the firing of Nummela).

                • Lars

                  They are not. These renders are real, even NPU says so.
                  What have I written that is not true? it doesn’t matter if you can make a Nokia 5 render look like this new Nokia 8 render, it matters why you would change certain things. Nobody would be suspicious if the Nokia logo had the same gradient as on the Nokia 5 render, but still it was changed. Even the color of the silver version is different.
                  This render is extremly high quality, not even close to the supposed Nokia C1 renders that looked fake at first sight.
                  Even Blass is not a con-man, he has been on spot most of the time.
                  Nokia would allow for something like this to be their flagship – even if you don’t like it personally, you have to admit all the info about it fit the proposed price of 500-600€.
                  I think it looks great. They promised the Nokia 5 and 6 would have a flagship-worthy design (which they have), so why would they not stick to that design for their affordable flagship?

        • The time is real too. And also look at the home button. Its different than Nokia 5 🙂

          • DBS

            Home buttom is exactly the same. As for the time… I don’t understand what you mean… If I turn on a Nokia 5 it will show the time…

            • The time and date on the leaked Nokia 8 images not on Nokia. hehe. Look at the time and date on Nokia 8 . It says 16:04 21ST July. 🙂 The home button on Nokia 5 and the Leaks Nokia 8 image is different. The home button on Nokia 8 is more like galaxy S2. 🙂

              • DBS

                The date is meaningless. I can change the date on any phone. I could take a photo of my S7 with the date 12 February 2019 and say it’s the S9. It wouldn’t be.

                As for the fingerprint it looks exactly the same… Maybe a little more squarish but if this is a prototype the fingerprint scanner is probably not there. But notice the difference then between the fingerprint on those photos and the supposed renders of the Nokia 8. The renders of the supposed Nokia 8 are photoshoped renders of the Nokia 5. Just open Photoshop, put them atop each other and play with the transparency. You’ll see.

                Again, until this is official I’m claiming fake on all of these. Prototypes and photoshoped images are just that. And for all we know, even IF this ever was supposed to be the Nokia 8,it could have been cancelled.

  • Giorgi

    similar nokia 5, big bazels and capactiv buttons


    HMD SMD!!!

  • infinidim

    That copper / gold finish looks like it will be a finger print magnet. 😢

  • 777sasha3331

    When available Nokia 9?