One more shootout( N8 vs SGSII vs Iphone 4S), N8 declared king of quality!!

This time it is from "". It has compared N8, Samsung Galaxy SII and IPhone 4S for their camera skills and guess what N8 comes up again with flying colors and is crowned again as King of quality. Read what they have to say in conclusion, I believe it is...

Nokia Asha 300 review by GSMarena!!

GSMarena has reviewed the second in line of  Nokia's Asha series , Asha 300. And quite dramatically they term it as "King of ordinary". As this series of phones have released in hope of cementing Nokia's traditional market, then Asha 300 relies on two factors...

Oh N8!! Thou art King,tells TechRadar :)

Now "TechRadar" says N8 is the camera smartphone King.Its 12MP camera blows away the competition once again.And let us have a look at the competition, HTC Evo 3D,Motorola XT720,Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, Apple iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S2. Wow,I look at my N8 and I am really proud of...

Symbian belle vs Android: A comparison

In this article, I have tried to put a comparison between two of the world's most used smartphone OSes. Symbian belle is going to be on all Symbian Anna phones come feb.Hence we certainly need to take this bit sensitive/controversial comparison, as it will...

Now even GSMarena goes ga ga over N9!!

N9 even if it is not so hyped or marketed as its WP twin Lumia 800, catches user's imagination so strongly that even many nokia bashers are just going overboard describing its OS and UI and the ease 0f use that grows on the user.Read the...

Asha 303 review by GSMArena

Gsmarena has reviewed Asha 303.Highlight of the review is the following conclusion, "In a way, the Asha 303 is dangerously close to smartphones. On the other hand, it’s a great opportunity for many potential upgraders, who’re not ready yet to cross that line for one...

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