This one is very interesting. Afterall not everyday you see a fight between the best camera smartphone and the best specced smartphone. PhoneArena has done a comparison between 808 PureView and Samsung Galaxy S III.

Though keeping in mind the review of 808 PureView by phoneArena, their bias against Symbian comes knocking. Anyways, coming to this video comparison, it is not much of a shoot-out. It rather looks like a bit of demo of camera, display, browser comparison of both the devices. Following are some quick observations.

  • Even with continuous rant of lower resolution, phoneArena has to agree that 808 PureView’s display shows more vibrant colors, is much brighter and the CBD technology ( much less reflections) makes it much more better for outdoor visibility.
  • Symbian Belle’s wider support of video types and codecs, full landscape mode operation also are metioned here.
  • Browser comparison proves superiority of native Android browser on SGS III. But reviewer has not done good work in the comparison as both the browser are not fired simultaneoulsy with Android having bit of advantage. Check for yourself. We just wish, it could have been compared against Opera on 808 PureView. Results could have been diffrernet.
  • Camera performance and Rich recording  are something where 808 PureView has not even a slight threat from SGS III.

Final word!! Great to see 808 PureView and Symbian Belle FP1 holding its own against the onslaught of Android’s flagship device and even beating it hands down in some areas.

Check the full video below,