Munch on the phoneArena’s full video review of 808 PureView. phoneArena acknowledges 808 PureView to be “real innovation” and says,

Real innovation is when you do something nobody has done before you, that was deemed impossible or not worth pursuing. In the Nokia 808 PureView, which has been conceived and tweaked in Nokia’s R&D labs for the last five years we have these markings of …

Few observations from our side.

  • Belle FP1 is really smooth and fluidity is maintained throughout. Apps open really fast. PhoneArena admits it many times and says UI is smooth, Gallery scrolling is very smooth. But again in the end the old impression of “Symbian” comes into play and all of sudden it becomes clunky UI for them. Bad name they say !!
  • The more you see “Camera UI” being used the more impressed you will be. PhoneArena ia also mighty impressed here with option Nokia has provided with camera browser.
  • PhoneArena’s browser test would be bit better if they could have brought in some comparison with other devices, as heavy sites like makes browser on any of the devices bit uncomfortable. Anyways, Opera and Opera mini is always there for Symbian to make browsing as good as on any of the competing OSes.

Check the full video,