This is rather welcome from ZDNet’s Matt Miller. Initially while reviewing 808 PureView after applauding Nokia’s efforts on the camera  he very much followed the other tech journos in mindlessly bashing Symbian Belle FP1. Now he accepts that It has been about a year since he used Symbian for any extended period of time. When many Symbian fans in the audience quickly provided him with some great feedback on apps and other considerations, he decided to put the 808 through more extensive testing and to the extent that he purchased 808 PureView last week. Now he concedes that,

“After several more days with it, I have to say the $760 I spent was worth it and I am really loving the device.”

Matt’s thoughts on 808 PureView:

I decided to put the 808 through more extensive testing and purchased my own 808 PureView last week. After several more days with it, I have to say the $760 I spent was worth it and I am really loving the device. You can check out several screenshots from the device in my image gallery. I also took a few still photos and have some links to my Flickr account where you can see them in full resolution since the ZDNet system limits image size.

If you are a current Symbian user, then it is very natural for you to upgrade to the Nokia 808 PureView as it is the best Symbian-based device ever made. If you are looking for the absolute BEST camera experience on a device that makes calls, then the 808 PureView is also for you. If you have come to rely on a broad range of apps and services found on iOS and Android, then the 808 PureView is likely not going to please you enough to stick with it. While I do enjoy the convenience of many apps and services, Symbian still gets the essentials right and cuts to the chase.

Matt’s thoughts on Symbian Belle FP1:

Symbian is far from perfect with some lags at times and a very frustrating Nokia Store purchase and download experience (took me six attempts to download the 255 MB Asphalt 6 game I bought). However, it does compete pretty well with current mobile operating systems with the following:

  • Good multitasking: thumbnail images before Android and WP figured it out
  • Smart use of standby screen: I recommend you immediately put Nokia Sleeping Screen on your device to see slick use of the standby screen.
  • Nokia Maps: I still find Nokia Maps to be one of the best GPS navigation and mapping solutions found on any mobile device.
  • Swype keyboard support: I am a fan of Swype and find that it works well on the Nokia 808 PureView.
  • Profiles: I imagine I have spent a lot of time over the years pressing the volume buttons up and down on my phones so it is refreshing to again have profiles setup that automatically switch throughout the day.

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