Bringing to you Part 2 of the review of 808 PureView. So coming first up is the Social application!!


It has not changed much from the Belle version. The same interface and widgets are there.

  • I really like “All activity widget”, as in one glance you have the latest Facebook and Twitter feed on your fingertips.
  • Auto-refresh of Social has become reliable and you don’t need to refresh manually. Also scrolling down the feeds, you don’t face that old issue of hitting “view more” as loading of feeds happen automatically.
  • With latest update photos upload faster after clicking on the photo link.
  • For basic Facebook and Twitter use this is more than sufficient application. But many advance options need overhaul and slicker UI.
  • What I dislike is the fact that Nokia still has not managed to put QT based version of this very important application.


  • Browser on 808 PureView is obviously the best on any Symbian device. And take our words, in daily normal usage it doesn’t disappoint at all.
  • The default browsing option is mobile sites when try to open some website for the first time and it is pretty quick.
  • Even the low to medium heavy desktop version of websites open fast and panning/zooming is ok. That includes our website, and comparable websites.
  • When it come to very heavy or bloated sites like “The Verge” or “PhoneArena” then it takes its own sweet time to load but also panning/zooming is not that smooth.
  • Opera Mobile/Mini comes to the rescue here and especially if heavy websites are concerned I depend on “Opera Mini”.
  • But again in no way this browser is as bad as has been reviewed by many tech magazines. It seems only name of “Symbian Browser” is sufficient for giving bad reviews !!

Music and Video Player:

  • Music Player has got improvements in Belle FP1 and it is visual and functional both.
  • You have two widgets now, small and big Music player. You can now see the songs by name of Artist and Album.
  • Dolby Surround output option makes the music play on 808 PureView a pleasure to listen. Even without headphones the music output is awesome and better than any Smartphone on market.
  • I found the “Swipe” option for going to next or last track really cool and settings of Loudness and Dolby on/off gives very good control.
  • Video Player has shed much of its options here but still plays more codecs than any other competing OS and up to 1080p.
  • What feels intuitive is that by just double tapping on the screen you can make the video play full screen.

Gallery and Images widgets:

  • The Gallery browsing is very smooth and it now has added option of quick crop of any picture.
  • The share option has now changed and only facebook share is available from the share button in the gallery. I seriously miss”Twitter” share here.
  • For sharing to Flickr you need to go to the menu at the right of the option bar and select share.
  • One more change is that it is no more connected to “Social application” and you need to log in to facebook and Flickr accounts one time while setting up sharing.
  • Also missing is the “Marking multiple items” and “Delete multiple items” options which is a big surprise considering its utility.
  • I also like the new “Image” widget and especially the option of latest capture as it is full of surprises:)

DLNA play:

We have covered how to use “DLNA play” with PC in detail and posted a video as well. This is really cool application and I am loving it :). In future we will see increased usage of this application.

Check our earlier article for more,

Nokia Music:

  • Nokia Music comes with unlimited download offer for full one year with 808 PureView in India.
  • The music collection is really rich and updated with latest Bollywood, Hollywood and other Geners chartbusters and classics.
  • You can search and download by any keyword and download speed is blazing fast.
  • Only grudge is that Nokia has not given Nokia Music a fluid interface and neat client like “Nokia Store”. Option of Operator billing like Nokia Store can give Nokia Music a much wider audience and better acceptability with them who don’t have free offers.

Battery Life:

  • Compared to N8 which itself has better Battery performance compared to Android and iOS smartphones, 808 PureView gives 40-50%  better Battery performance.
  • On average with moderate to heavy usage 36 to 24 hours battery life is given.

Final words.

  • Social and Browser are pretty usable and have some nice features of their own. Only thing is they can be better !!
  • We see many QT based slick apps like Facinate,FMobi,Tweetian,TwimGo etc. It is a puzle though why Nokia can’t put QT version of Social yet.
  • Also we see cloud based Nokia Browser for S40 phones and N9’s slick and powerful Browser. So what stops Nokia from bringing Cloud compression and porting N9’s browser to Symbian. If only the browser in 50% faster  than now and smoother in panning/zooming with heavy websites it can compete well to any native OS browser.
  • Finally what Nokia has done to Gallery is good and bad both. It is one of the smoothest ever but Twitter share and Marking and delete options are missing.

Part 3 and final part of this review is coming soon and trust us it will be very interesting. Be ready for a fight between N8 and 808 PureView!!