Just missed this aspect of image and video sharing on 808 PureView. Wanted to mention here that upload of images and videos is blazing fast, the best you will see on any smartphone and pretty reliable. If you remember a video from Nokia, where 808 PureView prototype even smoked Lumia 800 in speed of image sharing. Read our earlier article for more.


This might sound familiar to many who are already using¬†808 PureView, but for those who are yet to buy one or haven’t explored the gallery sharing options yet on 808 PureView, this may give much happiness.

We all missed video sharing from Gallery to YouTube option on our Symbian Anna/Belle devices like N8 and others, since YouTube upload option wasn’t there and you can’t upload more than 10MB video file on Facebook. Now if you check our review of Gallery on 808 PureView, you may have noted that it has been redesigned and not linked to Facebook/Twitter via Social application anymore. For sharing image you have to login to Facebook and Flickr with your accounts once, the very first time. Now while trying to check the options for video sharing I came to know that,

  • 808 PureView actually supports, Facebook and YouTube video sharing option . You have to log in with your YouTube account once.
  • Great to know that for YouTube there seems to be no video size upper limit as I shared 250 MB video.
  • Also as seen in above screenshot you can even control and cancel/resume the upload of the videos, after the upload has started. The updated¬†notification bar of Belle FP1 shows uploading videos in ongoing activities.
  • The cancel/resume upload option is valid for image sharing as well from the gallery, and if there is some issue with upload you can even resume/cancel it.

So, do let us know whether you knew this already ?