A recent report from Analyst firm Canalys brings some good news for HMD and Nokia fans. It seems that Nokia was 10th top-selling smartphone brand in China in both Q2 and Q3 2018.

While the report didn’t reveal what sales share Nokia smartphones had in China, it seems starting 2nd quarter Nokia smartphones have better traction in the highly competitive market. Not only this, Nokia has been placed in the quadrant with high growth probability in the recent to medium-term. The Canalys report mentions Nokia as the only high point among small vendors.

In 2018, HMD fine-tuned its strategy in China with the X-series of smartphones. Nokia X5, X6 and X7 bring Nokia design and quality at very competitive prices to Chinese smartphone buyers.

4.8 million Nokia smartphones were shipped in Q3 2018 for a 9th smartphone vendor ranking. Nokia smartphone shipments accounted for 1% of global smartphone market share. In comparison 4.5 million units were shipped in Q2 2018 and 4 million Nokia smartphones were shipped in Q1 2018.

Thanks to KoreaNokia for the tip. Cheers!!