After multiple teasers by retailer Suning, that seems to have exclusive rights on Nokia 6 2018 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM version, real-life images of Nokia 6 2018 have been leaked in China. The device is due for its launch tomorrow in China and these images now offer the best look yet at the Nokia 6 2018.

Though we have earlier seen Nokia 6 2018 images from Tenna certification, the phone looks beautiful in these images.

Nokia 6 2018 will be powered by Snapdragon 630 processor and will come with many design changes as listed below. You can read the detailed specs, images and more of Nokia 6 2018 at our dedicated page.

  • Reduced bezels
  • 16:9 display
  • No hardware touch buttons
  • Side profile remains as robust as Nokia 6 2017
  • Red accents at the edges of camera and the sides
  • Camera module lifted from Nokia 5 but with 16 MP CMPS sensor
  • Fingerprint sensor moves to the back

We had earlier shared a tip via a trusted source that claimed launch of Nokia 6 2018 and Nokia 3310 4G version in China in the month of January. Even Nokia 3310 4G version has been leaked in its full glory.

Hopefully, Nokia 6 (2018) will come globally much sooner than it took Nokia 6 2017 to travel to other parts of the globe. Read our complete Nokia 6 2018 coverage here.