widgets_page1Great news for those using Nokia’s Z Launcher on any Android devices or on Nokia N1!! With the latest update Nokia has brought a much-demanded feature to its Android Launcher. The widget support is here, finally. Read all about the new widgets on Z Launcher below.


One page for your widgets – From the data we have seen so far, we think one page will satisfy most people in terms of widgets used regularly. Having too many widgets for every conceivable need would require the user to flip through multiple pages and lose the quick convenience of widgets in the first place.

In other words, we believe the old adage of “less is more” can apply to widgets as well. So, try picking just the widgets that matter the most to you.

Maximized space for widgets – Since we have only one page for widgets, we wanted to maximize the space available and therefore we don’t show the bottom row of pinned apps on the widgets screen.

We also decided to limit this page to hosting just widgets — not a hodgepodge of widgets and pinned apps – that way you’ll be sure to fit those most important widgets. We believe this keeps it clean and simple — widgets on one page, apps on another.

Restyle your widgets in style – As you drag around, resize and remove widgets, you’ll notice we’ve built it in a way that reflects the existing design of Z Launcher. It’s a bit different from the standard Android way, so let us know what you think.

Z Launcher 1.2.0 Beta changelog:

– WIDGETS – Now you can add widgets to Z Launcher, the most requested feature from you
– SWIPE LEFT for Widgets – Simply swipe left from edge of the ranked list to access widgets page
– Long press on widget page to start adding widgets
– Drag and Drop to reposition your widgets
– Long press on widget and release to Resize or Remove
– SWIPE RIGHT for A to Z App List – Swipe right from edge of the ranked list to access A to Z apps list
– Performance Improvements
– Bug Fixes

Google Play link

In case you are not living in any of these regions, you can download the Z Launcher 1.2.0 Beta APK by clicking here.