Nokia is back to the top feature phones brand position in Russia. Partner data reports from many manufacturers for the month of September show that Nokia Phones held 16.1% market share in Russia.

As per the report,

In September the share of Nokia phones in the Russian market in physical terms reached 16.1%. Its closest rival was the British Fly (15.5%). A month earlier, the shares of these manufacturers were 15.6% and 15.7%, respectively.

In the first nine months of the year 2017, more than 27.6 million smartphones and feature phones were sold. Feature Phones accounted for almost 26% of these sales, compared to 31% a year before.

Nokia 3310 seems to be the main driver of this sales rebound as per the report.

Thanks to the revived Nokia 3310, Nokia’s share in sales of ” ” button phones has doubled in half a year, Andreeva said.

The new Nokia 105 and Nokia 130 are other two phones that may have also helped Nokia phones in attaining the leadership position.