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Old Nokia Phones like Nokia 3310 popular as Sex Toys.

Old Nokia Phones were always considered to be hallmark of quality production and robustness. And they always had strong vibrating mechanism too. In fact, many times the vibration on a Nokia 3310 will be enough to draw your attention. Now it seems this "strong vibrations" feature has attracted a different kind

HMD to only support Nokia Phones sold after 1-Dec-2016. B2X will support Phones sold before Dec 2016

Back in October 2016, Microsoft announced outsourcing of customer support for both Lumia and Nokia-branded Phones to B2X. At that time it wasn't clear what will happen to support of Nokia-branded Phones once HMD comes into picture after December. Now Nokia Mobile twitter account has clarified about the support for Nokia-branded

New official video demos Nokia innovations in health, VR & phones

Nokia has really made its presence felt at MWC 2017 yesterday. Digital Health and Nokia Phones related announcements were very warmly welcomed by millions of fans, who have been rooting for Nokia all along. Good thing was Nokia CEO's presence during the event that speaks volumes about how serious Nokia

Another Nokia phone saved a life by taking the Bullet

We have heard many stories about Nokia phones saving lives of their owners. A recent incident reinforces this legacy of "Super savior phones". Now a tweet from "Peter Skillman"(GM of Core Ux for Windows Desktop, Tablet and Phone @ Microsoft) has image of a new savior phone. The phone took a