HERE Maps NewIf you use site for your mapping needs, then  you really need to check the site now. Nokia has redesigned the with brand-new look and some really great features. In fact, if you may have joined testing program, it may be familiar look and feel for you, but the final release has some extra features as compared to the Beta version. new Design Features:

The new design highlight is the new “contextual widget” on the top-left area, which shows your current location, weather and time, as soon as you open the map in your browser. From this widget, one can search for new places or even get the directions by clicking on right corner of the widget.

The widget will also feature cards for locally relevant POIs at its bottom which can be expanded and minimized. The widget has traffic information and your collections too. You need to create HERE account though to use your collections or you can sign in with your Facebook account. You can add to your favorites for one click access to your daily journey.

If you are on Windows Phone, you will soon get an update which will help you migrate your collections from old Nokia account to HERE account.