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Nokia one of top 5 smartphone brands in 15 markets, enjoys high consumer ratings.


We earlier reported about Nokia becoming the top feature phone and 11th biggest smartphone vendor globally in Q4 2017. HMD was able to sell more smartphones than many well-known brands like HTC, Sony, Google, OnePlus, Lenovo In Q4 2017.

Now at MWC, HMD CEO revealed some interesting highlights about Nokia Phones’ sales performance and consumer ratings of the phones for the year 2017.

Sales Performance:

  • Nokia brand is a global leader in Feature phones by value for the year 2017
  • Nokia is among top 5 smartphone brands in more than 15 markets
  • 70 million Nokia phones were shipped in 2017
  • Aims to become one of the top smartphone brands

Consumer feedback & recommendations:

  • 3 out of every 4 existing Nokia users actively recommends a Nokia Phone. In case of some phones, it is as high as 9 out of 10.
  • 2/3rd of Nokia buyers below the age of 35.

Counterpoint Research had earlier shared some market wise highlights for Q4. While in terms of feature phones Nokia was the top brand in most of the markets including most of the European, Asian & Middle East markets. In terms of smartphones, it climbed to 3rd rank in the UK and was among top five vendors in Russia, Vietnam & most Middle East markets.

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