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Nokia 9 custom-made covers with dummy phone in images. Has headphone jack

While there is no official confirmation about the existence of the upcoming ultimate flagship Nokia 9 yet, rumors and leaks have been plentiful. Now bit surprisingly custom-designed Nokia 9 covers are already selling on Amazon US. While it is common for case/cover manufacturers to list cases/covers of all leaked/rumored phones, you can make out the fake listings by just having a look.

But in this case, not only the cases are custom-made for Nokia 9, the images posted have dummy Nokia 9 model. The dummy looks quite close to the leaked design from reliable sources in China. So, it is nonetheless interesting to have a look at these images.

Update: As noted by one of our readers the dummy Nokia 9 used in the cover images have a headphone jack. It gets more interesting.

We just reported about a new Nokia smartphone TA-1054 passing certification in China and it may well be Nokia 9. Check more images of this Nokia 9 case by following the link provided below.

Buy link

Nokia 9 Details:

As per the leaked images and a leaked display panel, Nokia 9 will sport an edge to edge 3D glass display and a virtually bezel-less design. We have heard from our sources that Nokia 9 will come with 6GB/8GB RAM, 128GB ROM, IP68 certification. The above image also possibly confirms a fingerprint scanner on the back just below the camera.

As per a tip received by us earlier, Nokia 9 may be price around EUR 749 in European markets. You can read all that we know about Nokia 9 at our dedicated Nokia 9 page.

Thanks Elielder for the tip. Cheers!!

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  • Muerte

    Slush 2017

  • Gerrard Jr

    i want that cover…looks so grippable 😂

  • mehmet

    come on come on come ooon i hate waiting 😀

  • Mamed
  • Elielder Dias Dionízio

    My pleasure.

  • Rob Beijendorf

    OZO Audio microphone hole, more likely. It has the same at the bottom.

  • Joynul Islam

    Headphone jack directly in line with the dual cameras? Is that possible?

    • Rob Beijendorf

      No. The case has the same sized hole at both the top and the bottom, which indicates it’s indeed just a hole for the OZO Audio microphones.

      • chancooluk

        I agree, the holes are too small for a headphone jack connector. Phone cases usually have a hole which is much wider than the jack hole itself, otherwise the rubber jacket on the jack would not fit.

        Definitely a Mic hole, not a Jack hole.

    • mehmet

      this explains why camera has a bump unlike nokia8

      • Rob Beijendorf

        That’s not it. The phone is pegged at 7.5 mm thick with an 8.9 mm camera hump.

        The Gorilla glass on both sides are 0.5 mm each: +1 mm
        A waterproofed 3.5 mm port is about 6 mm thick: +6 mm = 7 mm
        Smartphone cameras are about 5-7 mm thick. +5 mm = 12 mm
        Then add the thickness of things such as the display panel, wireless charging, etc and you’ve got yourself an impossibility. This is literally just a hole for an OZO microphone.

        You can also see that in the pictures. This case has the same hole on both the top and the bottom, and the case holes houses a much smaller hole. In other words, a microphone opening.

        • mehmet

          hmm maybe you’re right
          nokia 9 has to come with 4 mics anyway as we know ozo audio works best with 4+mics
          lacking of jack is bad but i can use it if it will come with 2+ stereo speakers or something even better than nokia 6s speakers

  • 777sasha3331

    What you say about Iris Scanner in Nokia 9? Earlier you wrote about this…

  • Akilesh
    • Rob Beijendorf

      Note that they don’t mention the USB port in the description. What they call “headphone jack” is likely just the USB-C port. That, in combination with the rather poorly done renders of the supposed phone makes me think this company has no idea what they’re talking about.