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The Nokia 8/Nokia 9 confusion and what we know about it

We have been posting a lot about the upcoming flagship Nokia 9 in recent times and we also told you that Nokia 9 may come out in July via our sources. Now, we recently reported a rumor claiming that the flagship Nokia Android Phone will be out as Nokia 8 and not Nokia 9. But then we reported via reliable sources that Nokia 8 will be the top mid-ranger with Snapdragon 660 powering its core.

So, how to deal with this Nokia 8/Nokia 9 confusion?? Actually, there are three possible scenarios here.

Scenario 1:

The 4GB RAM variant of Nokia Flagship comes as Nokia 8 and the 6GB RAM variant may be launched as Nokia 9. This scenario is confusing as we have caught Nokia Android Phones under testing with three new processors hinting at Snapdragon 630 and 660 for mid-range along with Snapdragon 835 for the top-end.

So, if these two are Nokia 8/Nokia 9, Nokia 7 should come with two variants with different processors. This doesn’t look like a valid scenario, considering how HMD plonked a trusted processor SD 430 in both Nokia 5 and Nokia 6.

Scenario 2:

Nokia 8 comes with SD 660 and Nokia 9 has two variants with 4GB and 6GB RAM respectively. This scenario is quite valid considering we saw TA-1004 (4GB RAM) and TA-1012 (4GB/6GB RAM) both appearing as a pair in Russian certification hinting at them both belonging to the same device. The possibility here is that the 6GB RAM variant of Nokia 9 may be like Arte Black with higher pricing than the 4GB RAM variant.

And this is consistent with the findings of Nokia Phones prototypes with three new processors being tested internally.

Scenario 3:

The flagship with Snapdragon 835 is launched as and only Nokia 8. That will again be quite surprising, as we don’t think that the moniker Nokia 8 is the flagship in HMD’s naming scheme. Nokia 9 fits the bill for the ultimate high-end flagship with Snapdragon 835 leaving space for two higher-end mid-rangers Nokia 7, Nokia 8 to exist in the lineup.

What we actually know:

What we know so far is that a Nokia Flagship with 4GB/6GB RAM variants and two mid-rangers with Snapdragon 630/660 are in works. The flagship Nokia smartphone will be the first to arrive and may be launched as early as July. We have also heard from reliable sources that HMD will try to release the flagship device within one moth after launch.

We will put our faith in “Nokia 9 name for the flagship” as high as 80%. But even if it comes as Nokia 8, it will be the same flagship that we have reported widely as Nokia 9 and you can read its full details including specs, design, images, video and an exclusive Arte Black render by clicking here.


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  • iia3ezu

    I still don’t see any Nokia Android phones in phone stores. I see LG, HTC, Huawei, OnePlus and Oppo phones on display.

    Perhaps releasing a flagship phone with high end specs will change this. And add a bit of marketing.

    Hopefully, by Christmas 2017.

  • iia3ezu

    Back in the day, the Nokia Symbian phones were infested with bloatware. There were even some ringtones which were DRM’ed in some Nokia-exclusive proprietary format.

    I hope the new Nokia under HMD Global does away with those bad habits of the past.

    Camera performance is very important if Nokia wishes to grab market share from Samsung and Apple.

    1) Low light performance.

    2) Image stabilization.

    3) Speed of autofocus.

    4) Speed of launching camera app.

    5) Shooting video in very high res (4K?): battery drainage, overheating issues, audio quality.

  • DBS

    “The flagship Nokia smartphone will be the first to arrive and may be launched as early as July.”

    I’m pretty sure this will NOT happen.
    And there’s a very simple reason: Zeiss.
    Here’s the deal: HMD has just announced the partnership renewal with Zeiss. And in the video they said “coming this year”. However, they have NOT been working on great cameras at HMD so far. Which means Zeiss hasn’t been involved so far (otherwise the quality of the cameras on the Nokia 3, 5 and 6 would be far superior). The Zeiss lenses will be reserved, almost certainly, to the flagship device. Which means the one with the SD835. It’s what makes sense since Zeiss and Nokia will likely want to take advantage of the power of that processor.

    So the flagship is highly unlikely to come before the fall. In fact, here’s the schedule as it’s most likely to play out:

    July-August -> release of the Nokia 5 and Nokia 6. Yes. The Q2 that HMD promised has clamorously failed. Across Europe the Nokia 5 is only coming at best in the end of July and the Nokia 6 has been pushed back to an August release. So HMD will want to get this absolute mess sorted out before going around announcing more phones.

    September-October – New phone announcements. Nokia has two options here: they can go for an IFA announcement of the flagships or they can go for a “Nokia World” type of announcement.
    The IFA announcement has it’s benefits: it’s a major tech show and will have all the press there available. However it also has some pretty big downsides. It will be competing with major flagships from very big players for attention:
    – the iPhone 7S (not announced at IFA but always announced in the beginning of September)
    – the Galaxy Note 8
    – the LG V30
    – the Xperia Z7 and Z7 Compact (they’ll likely be called XZZ or XZ1Z or whatever. Sony has completely f*cked up the branding on their phones)

    The Nokia World type of announcement has the disadvantage of requiring a lot more money. Which means they’d have to do it in conjunction with Nokia and as far as I know, Nokia Tech has no new products to announce so it’s highly unlikely to happen.
    Of course, they could also postpone the announcement of the phones to Slush 2017 but that only happens 30th Nov – 1st December. Which would mean the phone would only come in 2018.

    So they probably will prefer to let the initial September rush of announcements to happen and THEN present their flagship. Of course, that has the problem of it not being up to par with the latest Note or iPhone, but that will always happen as long as they continue to use stock Android.

    November-December – Release of the new phones, in time for the holidays.

    This is the more realistic time frame I believe. But considering how badly HMD handled the release of the 3310, Nokia 3, 5 and 6, I honestly begin to think that the Nokia flagship will only reach consumers in 2018.

    • 777sasha3331

      Nokia 5 and 6 available in June(Russia)

      • DBS

        Except, you know, I wrote Europe. And Russia is not Europe 😉

        • 777sasha3331

          Please learn your geography! Several regions of Russia belong to Europe

          • DBS

            You’re the one in severe need to learn geography. So allow me to teach you a quick lesson.
            Here is a map of the 7 continents. As you might see, Russia goes from the eastern frontier of Europe up to the western frontier of the USA (Alaska).
            That is called “Eurasia” by some (rather incorrectly).
            Russia has “several regions” in Europe, yes. The two main cities – Moscow and St. Petersburg are in the European part of Russia.
            HOWEVER, so is Istambul, the capital of Turkey, a country which is definitely NOT European nor in Europe.

            Having a couple of big cities within the European continent doesn’t qualify you as European. And when you have 3/4 of your country in Asia, then it DEFINITELY doesn’t make you European.

            You can argue that Russia is culturally European. That the main cities are in the European side of Russia. However, unfortunately for you, that still doesn’t make Russia an European country.


    • iia3ezu

      Nokia and Zeiss had worked together in the past, even before HMD Global came into the picture.

      Zeiss will most definitely be found on the Nokia 9 flagship phone. It’s just a matter of procuring the supply of lenses for the manufacturing process. Other parts such as the camera sensor are sourced from elsewhere (Sony?)

      If they said this year, it will be this year. Have faith.

      • DBS

        I’m aware of that. However, it’s not as simple as that. Developing a good camera on a phone takes time. It’s not just picking up old technology and slapping it on a newer processor. If it were that simple, all HMD had to do was pick up the Nokia 1020, upgrade the processor and the RAM and change the OS.
        But it’s not. It takes time to develop the software AND integrate it with both the operating system AND the hardware.

        Nokia’s sensors were custom-made. The 41mp sensors, for example, were produced upon request by Toshiba (now property of Sony). But the others weren’t. But that’s the least of the problems.

        Also, they said “coming this year”. That means it will be presented this year. Not that the consumers will be able to get it before the year is over. And considering the shitty job they’ve been doing with the distribution of the line they announced IN FEBRUARY, I’m not inclined to believe that any phone they present until the end of the year will reach consumers before 2018. Unless Nokia steps in and forces HMD to severely step up their game (and Nokia does have the power to do that).

  • johala02

    I will make a pre-order of Nokia 8 (or 9) as soon it will be possible.

  • infinidim

    As long as they bring out a flagship device with the 835 in the not to distant future to compete with the other manufactures Nokia / HMD will have a really good future.

  • Shivam Singh

    Always the best when it’s Nokia