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New Leak reveals Nokia 2, 7, 8 & 9 Processors. Sources say it may be correct

A new leak from a trusted source that has been correct about many Nokia related leaks in past, claims to reveal the name of the processors to be used in upcoming Nokia Android Phones. We very well know that Nokia 7, Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 are in works and NPU was the first one to break the news about Snapdragon 660 under testing in Nokia 8.

Later we caught entries for new Nokia Android Phones running Snapdragon 835, Snapdragon 660 and Snapdragon 630 at Geekbench. So, it is easy to guess that these entries belonged to Nokia 7, Nokia 8 and Nokia 9. Now, this leak claims that what we have inferred from Geekbench entries is correct and at the same time it claims that Nokia 2 the ultimate budget Nokia Android smartphone will come with Snapdragon 212.

When we reached to our sources regarding this leak, we came to understand that while processors for Nokia 7, 8 and 9 are correct and protos powered by these are under testing, Nokia 2 may or may not run on Snapdragon 212. It may again be powered by a latest Mediatek processor. HMD may be however keeping its options open considering the kind of Driver and Software update support MediaTek provides (or lack of it).

So, in a nutshell, this is the list of all Nokia Android Phones (launched + upcoming) and their processors:

Nokia 2 – Snapdragon 212 / Mediatek processor
Nokia 3 – Mediatek MT6737 
Nokia 5 – Snapdragon 430 
Nokia 6 – Snapdragon 430
Nokia 7 – Snapdragon 630 
Nokia 8 – Snapdragon 660
Nokia 9 – Snapdragon 835

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Via: Baidu


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  • I think it’ll be Best Choice for Nokia Lovers with Low Budget!

  • DBS

    A Nokia 2? With an even worse processor than the Nokia 3? That’s a bad BAD idea. The Nokia 3 already performs horribly. The Snapdragon 430 should be the lower Nokia should have went. Even the Nokia 6 should have had the sd630 in it.

    I’m not sure they’re being very smart by following the old Nokia tradition of under-powering their phones. But hey, at least the flagship will have the SD835 and not the 821 like LG put on the G6. And if they are actually serious about the camera tech, the SD835 will allow them to do some really really impressive stuff (but they’ll have to ditch the absolutely idiotic idea of “pure Android”).

    • You are correct. They should have gone with SD430 in Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 and SD630 in Nokia 6. They could have used MT6737 in Nokia 2. May be we will see Nokia 1 too 😛 I hope that Nokia 1 is a Sailfish OS running phone. 🙂

    • haha123

      According to most reviews Nokia 3 has good performance despite its processor, so it’s perfect for that low price

      • DBS

        Except I’m not basing my opinion on Internet reviews. I’m basing it on my own experience with the phone. And the performance is terribly unacceptable even for a budget device 😉

    • D13H4RD2L1V3

      I would actually personally prefer they stick to their current Android philosophy.

      I wouldn’t call it “pure”. More like “close-to-vanilla”. Not everyone likes it and that’s fine.

      But I honestly think they’re better off not doing too much to it. The current camera app isn’t exactly great IMHO, and I don’t think that would translate well to an Android skin, but that’s just me.

      Not a massive Nexus person, but I am a fan of clean software. Played around with my Z and I’m actually enjoying the vanilla experience, kinda like a homecoming after playing with Sense, TouchWiz, LG UX, MIUI and others.

      Of course, YMMV

      • DBS

        Why wouldn’t you call it “pure”? It’s literally the same Android version used in the iPixels and the Nexus phones. It’s very hard to be more vanilla than that.

        And you’re right, not everyone like it. Problem is: the majority of people DON’T like it. The failure of the Nexus line as well as the iPixels pretty much proved that.

        And there’s no advantage whatsoever on putting pure Android on a phone, apart from not spending a single euro in software development.

        The current camera app is an absolute disaster. Even Sony has a better camera UI than that one. And that’s saying something. And while you can slip through the cracks on low end devices like the Nokia 5 and 6 with that camera, on a flagship with Zeiss optics, that camera software will NOT get a pass from anyone. And “pure Android” simply doesn’t provide tools for a great camera. They’ll have to alter it to better integrate the lenses, sensor and SD835.
        But the camera app has nothing to do with the Android skin. It is, however, limited by the “pure Android” mantra.

        I often think that people mix “OEM skins” with “OEM bloatware”. HMD certainly does. People don’t like the bloatware. But they like the skins. And while to some people the massive redesign of things that don’t need redesigning is too much, Nokia could for example follow the example of OnePlus when it comes to Oxygen OS.
        OnePlus only does minor but very very relevant tweaks to the stock Android experience. They don’t add extra apps or services (bloatware) but they do add a Black Theme, some accents and some quick launch gestures. None of that deviates the phone from the “stock Android” experience but ads a LOT of value to the customer.
        Or they could for example take advantage of the Theme Engine built into AOSP (the one Sony donated) and that is actually present on all stock Android devices, and simply create a contained Themeing app that would allow users to customise the system UI for example (the same that you can do with root and Substratum but without the need for root).

        They simply are cutting corners everywhere and relying way too much on the Nokia branding to sell the phones. But that will only take them so far. If their flagship is just a very expensive Nexus, no one will buy it (apart from a few Nexus fans maybe).

  • Keith B

    Nokia 2 sounds like a replacement for the Lumia 435.

  • 777sasha3331

    When announce Nokia 9?

  • Tejas Hash

    Nokia 2 – Snapdragon 212 / Mediatek processor
    waste of money.

    • Muerte

      Most probably the price of Nokia 2 will be close to the 3310’s. Which would you pick?

      • infinidim

        That would be a good price for a spare phone.

      • It will be double the price of Nokia 3310 IMO. If not double at least close to it. 🙂

      • DBS

        The 3310. You have no idea how horrible the experience is on such a low end smartphone. I’d rather have a dumbphone that works well than a smartphone that works poorly.

        • Muerte

          Yep, me too. But still, I think there will be many buyers for Nokia 2, even if the user experiece would not be very good.

          If 3310 is 59€, I think Nokia 2 will be priced under 100€ as well. We’ll see.

    • haha123

      Not a waste for anyone who has a super low budget. Stock Android also helps it perform best it could.