Nokia rich recording on 808 pureview promises CD like audio quality from its  recording. While most high end smartphones can only record without distortion to around 110db, the Nokia 808 can comfortably continue to around 140-145 db, which is 4 times louder than the conventional mics can record.

Apart from that Nokia Rich Recording can also record very low frequencies also without any distortion. The combination of all of these elements means the Nokia 808 records audio with almost CD like quality. It has to be heard to be believed. You can check the following video for a detailed explanation about Nokia rich-recording.

The second video brings comparison of the rich recording of 808 pureview to competitor devices like IPhone 4S, Galaxy SII and DSLR Camera Canon EOS 550D and guess what, 808 pureview’s audio recording is a class apart. Just check the video.