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[May be fake] Nokia 8 aka Nokia Supreme leaks in a promo video from CES 2017 (Rumor)

Nokia 8


We have reasons to believe that the prototypes in the video had nothing to do with Nokia. In fact, these were Qualcomm reference design protos. So, take this video and related information as you please.

Nokia with HMD Global recently launched the Nokia 6 Android smartphone in China. While we already Nokia is at-least preparing to launch 5-6 Android devices in 2017, the rumors always keep us busy and we always want a bit of information of every new device coming out from those dark rooms, out in the light.

At CES 2017, one of the attendees was able to capture a video of what is believed to be the flagship device from Nokia, at least as per the leaked specs of the device. The device is codenamed as Nokia Supreme (Nokia 8) and is considered a more powerful iteration of Nokia 6, mid-ranger but we cannot confirm the authenticity of the leak.

In the video above, most of the emphasis is laid on the camera hardware of the device and the viewfinder for capturing photos seems pretty too.

Here are the rumoured specs of Nokia 8 aka Nokia Supreme

  • 5.7 inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display
  • 24MP rear camera with OIS and Super EIS enabled
  • 12MP front facing camera
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC
  • 6GB RAM
  • Micro SD Card support upto 256GB
  • 64GB and 128GB internal storage options
  • Dual front facing speakers
  • Led notification light
  • Nokia logo lights up on front during boot

Nokia is also rumoured to launch another flavour of the same device with Snapdragon 821 and 4GB of RAM.

Nokia has officially confirmed its presence at MWC 2017 where it will showcase it’s pure craftsmanship, build quality and reliability it is known from the past.

We will see more information once the date comes closer, till then stay tuned to NPU for latest on Nokia.

Image Credit: Total Tech Media

Shafat Ahmad
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  • jane hicks

    This one also looks like the lumia as well, but with android. What happened nokia? you used to make great designs.

  • Kontra-Kontra

    How is one of the phone on the above video different from one of the phone here?

    • Kamal

      yup. roland, author of that WinFuture article himself told us about it.

  • RbrtSfrn

    Monster!! According to specs. If true. Didn’t saw the vid.

  • Total Tech

    Lol so now it’s fake? I’m guessing you missed the other writers who also saw the glowing Nokia logo on boot.
    looks a lot like hating to me, but who cares, you have a good one.

    Here’s a small journalistic tip. Check your stories before you publish them………….
    Then make sure you have permission to use a said video or images.
    And lastly don’t change up your opinion or initial thoughts when someone corrects you for incorrect posting or behavior.

    I’ll make sure to send my crew through so they can let you know how accurate our leaks are.
    Have a good one.
    And guys if you follow me don’t harass this guy he doesn’t know any better

    • Kamal

      No hard feelings, but MWC 2017 is not far away and if you have a legit leak, it will shine through. Till that time we have our reasons to keep it in rumor / fake category.

      Journalists very frequently update their articles, so that what we did here.

      Have a nice one!!

  • TK

    Actually the source was us…. but thanks for ripping the video and the credit. No worries copyright tag has already been filed.

    • Kamal

      This video was leaked in China. You ripped and uploaded on your channel. The video we posted has watermark of original leaker from China. If you can prove that you are the original leakster, you will be granted source credit. and don’t threaten us with silly stuff, if we do it, you will have nowhere to run.

      • DH Dog

        Maybe he can get you since it’s his voice on that video…?

        • Total Tech

          Some people have no common sense

          • DH Dog

            Maybe he didn’t put the audio when he watched it or skipped the beginning? It’s all good now, right?

      • Total Tech

        Are you serious ???!!!! I’m TK it’s my voice in the fucking video!!! Go to my channel. Doesn’t matter, it’s been copyright flagged. I’m the original leaker. Who the fuck else is TK with total tech lmfao. Listen to the video. Wow…..

        • Kamal

          Hardly know ya, but calm down. It was obviously unintentional. I have embedded your video in the post.

          • Total Tech

            Wouldn’t have got amped up if you hadn’t made the comments about threats etc.
            Just don’t take kindly to those that rip images leaks or videos as their own that’s all.
            Have a good one

            • Kamal

              We watermark our images. But our video travel to china and on other Youtube channels a lot and we don’t have time to run after others. too busy with site. anyways I will be using your second Nokia 8 video too. Hope you are right about this leak.

              • Total Tech

                Video is pretty clear and it’s the same phone gizmochina posted about last week.
                Anyway don’t mean to be so aggressive but this happens whenever I drop a leak Motorola or Nokia guess I need to start watermarking everything

                • Hello. How can I contact you, if I may? Have some question if you would be willing to answer about the 8? And do Total Tech has any written version of the Nokia 8 report? Thanks

      • Total Tech

        I was trying to be courteous and not watermark the shit. But lesson learned. Don’t use my videos or images without permission period

      • Total Tech

        Threaten with silly stuff lmfao…. are you serious. Lol.
        You must not know about me. I’ll give you a pass this time….. I advise you do some research.
        I don’t make threats. When that strike hits email me and we will figure it out. Then you will know who’s video it is

    • Kamal

      Oops!! It is really urs. Sorry and your video will be embedded in place of this one.