This is the second part of our Nokia 7 Plus Android 9 Pie hands-on coverage. In the first hands-on we demoed major changes and new features that Android 9 Pie brings but a major set of features related to Digital Wellbeing was not available.

So, here we are with the second part of our hands-on where we have covered the Digital Wellbeing and some other uncovered new features & changes. We have also shared our impressions of the performance and Battery life after playing with the Android 9 Pie Beta 4 over many days.

All the changes and new features:

The Android 9 Pie Beta 4 update brings the majority of Android 9 Pie changes and features to Nokia 7 Plus. The major changes and features include all-new gesture-based navigation option, lots of UI changes, Notification improvements, Settings revamp, usability improvements and much more.

You can read the complete list of official changes and new features that Android 9 Pie brings by clicking here.

For getting the Digital Wellbeing feature you may need to sign up for the Digital Wellbeing Beta app and also install the APK.


While general performance wise Android 9 Pie is good as a daily driver it needs multitasking improvements when compared to stable Oreo. There may be more bugs here and there but overall it is live-able.

Battery life has improved and both screen-on and standby times are impressive.