Good news for Nokia 7 Plus owners who have enrolled to the Android Pie Beta program and are currently running Android 9 Pie on their devices. One of the major features “Digital Wellbeing” which wasn’t available yet for devices other than Pixel can be now installed on Nokia 7 Plus.

Digital Wellbeing comes as a public Beta app now. You can enroll to Beta by following the app link below on your Nokia 7 Plus and then opting to join the Beta program by scrolling down on the app page.

[appbox googleplay]

In case that doesn’t work and you can’t install the Beta app after joining the Beta program you can install the APK from the link below.

APK link

Once you have installed the Digital Wellbeing app you should be able to see it in the settings and play with it as shown in screenshots above. Below are the details about Digital Wellbeing from the official changelog and the hands-on video is coming soon.

Do Not Disturb: Improvements to Do Not Disturb to silence not just notification sounds, but also all the visual interruptions. Calls from starred contacts will still come through, so you don’t have to worry about missing something urgent.

App dashboard: Get a daily view of the time spent on your phone, how frequently you use different apps, and how many notifications you get.

Wind Down: Set a daily schedule to get your phone ready for bed. Grayscale fades your screen to gray while Do Not Disturb silences notifications for a restful sleep.

App timers: App timers let you set daily time limits for your apps. When you reach the limit, the app is paused for the rest of the day.