The Android 9 Pie Beta 4 update for Nokia 7 Plus  is now rolling out. We received this update in India on our Nokia 7 Plus TA-1046 variant. In case you are wondering how to enroll and push the Pie Beta to your Nokia 7 Plus you can check our how to section here.

The time now for our hands-on video of Nokia 7 Plus running the Beta version of Android 9 Pie. In this video, we have demoed the major changes and features that Android 9 Pie Beta brings for Nokia 7 Plus and we have also shared our impressions of the build.

All the changes and new features:

The Android 9 Pie Beta 4 update brings the majority of Android 9 Pie changes and features to Nokia 7 Plus. The major changes and features include all-new gesture-based navigation option, lots of UI changes, Notification improvements, Settings revamp, usability improvements and much more.

You can read the complete list of official changes and new features that Android 9 Pie brings by clicking here.

Though the option to set “Ambient display” as the always-on glance screen is gone perhaps to improve the Battery life.


On Nokia 7 Plus the Android 9 Pie Beta 4 update runs much better than the Beta 3 and is relatively stable with no freezes/reboots so far for us. It is more polished and the option of gesture-based navigation adds freshness to the experience.

Even Battery life has improved over Beta 3 but we will share more on that later as we keep on testing it. Perhaps removal of always-on glance screen option has added to the Battery life, but HMD will be better-off bringing it back and providing and option to use or disable glance screen.