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Would Nokia 10 feature multi-lens Zoom camera tech from Zeiss? Joining the dots


Many times joining hints aka dots from here and there lead you to an educated guess. We just heard about a circular Penta-Lens camera module that may be featured on the 2018 premium Nokia Flagship that we can assume to be Nokia 10 for now.

The question that may have already arisen in the minds of many is why five lenses?  It is after all the size of sensor and optics that matter most. Here joining two more dots or hints may help us. Zeiss has patented a “Miniature zoom camera” with multiple lenses arranged in a circular manner.

These multiple lenses can rotate and come in focal path of a fixed primary lens and detector. This by design will help in changing the focal length and providing with a large zoom range. The patent does mention that this is meant especially for Mobile Phones.

The invention relates to a miniature zoom camera which can be used especially in mobile phones. The invention is based on the object to provide a zoom camera, which realizes at a low depth in the direction of the optical axis of the optical system, sufficiently good image quality and a comparatively large zoom range.

According to the invention it is provided that the miniature zoom camera having a miniaturized zoom system, which lens group and a plurality of interchangeable second lens groups is constructed (as seen in the direction of light) from a fixed first, each of the second lens group has a different focal length and is arranged on a common lens wearers and wherein the lens carrier is supported and movable, that each one of the second lens groups is positioned in a beam path between the first lens group and the detector.

Now, do you remember this video posted by Nokia Mobile and Zeiss when the new partnership between HMD and Zeiss was announced last year. This video interestingly features a rotating camera with lenses with varying focal lengths.

So, seems HMD is working with Zeiss to use this innovative Multi-lens zoom Camera on upcoming Nokia flagship that may be launched as Nokia 10. Sounds exciting??

Nokia 10 will be powered by Snapdragon 845 and may feature a bezel-less edge to edge display. If MWC 2018 has to be made awesome for Nokia fans, a fat hint about Nokia 10 is certainly expected from HMD.

Thanks Nils for this tip sent to us some 6 months ago. It makes much sense now.

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