A new Nokia smartphone with low mid-range affiliation (probably Nokia 3.1 Plus/Nokia 4.1 Plus) has now passed Bluetooth certification with six variants TA-1118, TA-1117, TA-1104, TA-1113, TA-1125 and TA-1115 hinting at a sooner launch.

The smartphone in question has Bluetooth 4.2 support only and hence can’t be the Nokia 7.1 Plus. Even Nokia 6.1 Plus supports Bluetooth 5 and Nokia 5.1 Plus supports Bluetooth 4.2.

Another info that confirms that it is not Nokia 7.1 Plus is the processor that this smartphone is powered by. Bluetooth certification reveals that it will be powered by a Mediatek processor and hence it is not Nokia 7.1 Plus for sure.

Today we reported about official Nokia X7 launch on October 16 in China and that confirms that Nokia X7 aka 7.1 Plus will be launched in China first. India will certainly see some other smartphone on October 11 than Nokia 7.1 Plus.

Now, coming to what it can be, as discussed above it may well be a device with big display as teased by Nokia Mobile India account for the October 11 launch. So, it may be Nokia 3.1 Plus/Nokia 4.1 Plus that we are looking at.

The only info we have about this smartphone is that it may come with a 3400 mAH battery as two of its variants TA-1113/TA-1115 passed FCC certification and we mistook it for Nokia 7.1 Plus. It may be smartphone that was leaked in China with a probable polycarbonate body and may be a cheaper Nokia Full-screen smartphone option.