A recent report from Finland claims that Microsoft may be planning to cut more jobs from the ex-Nokia workforce that joined Microsoft. Ironically, when the Lumia sales plummeted to 4.5 million in the gone quarter, Microsoft may be handing over pink slips to Marketing guys in Finland.

In Q4 2015, not only Microsoft sold only 4.5 million Lumia as compared to 10.5 million one year ago, even the sales revenue declined by 53% as compared to Q4 2014. But seems Microsoft is marching ahead with its strategy of not selling cheaper phones, if leaked pricing of Lumia 650 is any indication. Similarly while one may have expected that Microsoft will strengthen its Marketing team for Mobile devices, it seems Microsoft have some other plans.

Under Satya Nadella not only harsh decisions like laying off 7800 ex-Nokia employees and writing off the Nokia D&S purchase were made but also Microsoft moved away from the earlier strategy of growing the Lumia volume at any cost even when it meant bleeding money. So, latest job cuts are not surprising and Microsoft may be planning to adopt a new business-targeted strategy, it used successfully for its Surface business.