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Nokia Plans to shed roughly 350 jobs in Finland

In order for generating cost reductions, Nokia plans to shed approximately 350 employees in Finland in 2019. The telecommunication company is of the opinion that it can only stay competitive by generating cost reductions of 700...

Nokia reveals headcount reduction plans related to acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent

Nokia recently acquired Alcatel-Lucent to create what it terms as an “Innovation Leader”. Nokia had paid EUR 15.6 billion through a public exchange offer in France and in the United States for acquiring it....

Microsoft plans to cut Mobile Device Marketing Jobs in Finland

A recent report from Finland claims that Microsoft may be planning to cut more jobs from the ex-Nokia workforce that joined Microsoft. Ironically, when the Lumia sales plummeted to 4.5 million in the gone...

Laid-off by Microsoft, some ex-Nokia employees may be back home in Jolla, Nokia

Jolla has expressed interest in hiring ex-Nokia employees laid-off by Microsoft in its infamous "Summer cleaning". Jolla's top management and most of the workforce have similar ex-Nokia background and it will be a really...

Microsoft announces 12500 job cuts from the ex-Nokia workforce

As expected, In a letter send out to employees, Microsoft's CEO has announced huge job cuts amounting to 18000 in total. All reports expected the number of job cuts to be less than this,...

Report: Microsoft can announce big layoffs ‘Today’

Earlier reports have Microsoft planning big job cuts, which may be the biggest for Microsoft in last 5 years and will impact ex-Nokia workforce as well. Another report claimed 1000 job cuts primarily impacting...

Microsoft may announce Job Cuts impacting ex-Nokia workforce amongst others

A report from Bloomberg claims Microsoft may announce job cuts as soon as this week. These job cuts may be the biggest for Microsoft in last 5 years and will impact ex-Nokia workforce, which...

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