MS NokiaEarlier reports have Microsoft planning big job cuts, which may be the biggest for Microsoft in last 5 years and will impact ex-Nokia workforce as well. Another report claimed 1000 job cuts primarily impacting ex-Nokia employees in Finland alone.

Now, a new report claims Microsoft may announce big layoffs today.

Employees at the company’s campus in Redmond, Wash., are already bracing for the news. Human resources managers have begun reserving conference rooms for most of Thursday, most likely a sign that they will be used to meet with laid-off employees, a person with knowledge of the plans said. Employees will have an opportunity to question Microsoft’s chief executive, Satya Nadella, about the cuts on Friday at a regular town hall meeting that was scheduled before the exact timing of the layoffs was known.

A major chunk of the job cuts may be from the D&S business acquired from Nokia, but will also include employees from other divisions like Xbox. Microsoft had 127,104 employees as of June 5, after adding about 30,000 in its acquisition of Nokia’s handset unit.